Resources and Links

Some links…in no particular order!

  • Metapsychology – Features online reviews of a great deal of books on psychological and philosophical subjects.
  • Centre for Systemic Constellations – A UK centre for systemic family constellations built on and extending the work of the influential German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.
  • Nick Totton – Home page of the British body psychotherapist and one of the founders of Embodied Relational Therapy.
  • C.G. Jung Club, London – Founded in 1922 by associates of Jung the club offers an informative selection of talks and reading groups, has a well stocked library and publishes an annual journal on archetypal themes.
  • Brenda Crowther – France based Jungian Analyst, Depth Psychologist and artist. She runs dream groups and also a very good introduction to Jung group
  • Vajrasati Yoga – Brighton based yoga school with classes every day. Encourages individual engagement with mind, body and spirit – not just a yoga “workout” or a “relax”.
  • Embodied Relational Therapy – “primarily from the body psychotherapy tradition, and now works at the meeting place of relational, process and body psychotherapy, is an initiative based in the UK, developed by Nick Totton and Em Edmondson in the late 1980s
  • Practise for Shamanism and Ritual – The home page of Dutch Shaman Daan Van Kampenhout and founder of Systemic Ritual.
  • Nicola Williams – Home page of Cornwall based music teacher, award winning classical guitarist and multi instrumentalist who offers her own original form of music therapy – “Music for Wellbeing”.